Vegan cheese vice normal cheese

More and more people are trying to swap animal products for vegan but to tell tee truth, after a while, I came to the conclusion that choosing vegan option is not necessary means making healthier choice.

If you look at the list of ingredients of vegan cheese, you will see, they use all oil which is really bad fir you and fir out environment ( I will write a separate blog about it). They use soya; did you know if soya used isn’t organic it most of the time is genetically modified?! I am personally not consuming GMO products..

Normal cheese made of simply cows milk and that’s all…

So, non-organic milk is not good for you… but would you rather opt for GMO soya?

So, after trying few different brands of vegan cheese, I was really disappointed with the taste.. additionally to the list of ingredients.

So I decided that I either will opt out completely from eating cheese or keep using occasionally normal cheese.

Vegan option not always means healthier or more caring for environment option.

Please guys, always ALWAYS read carefully the label and list of ingredients.

What are your thought are here guys..?

Lease leave your comments).


Knock knock… no answer?!

Some people say if you keep knocking the door and no one opens, then walk away because it means it simply not meant to be!

Well let me disagree here and say:” if no one answer the door but you really need to get in the house, find another entrance or smash that window and bloody get in! It is your life, don’t be scared to break the rules as long as you do no harm to others. When it comes to your dream, when is something that you really really want, don’t give up! Simply find another way around! Going with a flow is rarely brings those results you are looking for, but going against the flow, builds character, makes you wiser and stronger, these moments, phases they make you grow. I have learned from experience that giving up has never made happy anyone but only brought some kind of addiction, that we use as a shelter from our pain and disappointment that we didn’t get what we want. Some people eat the pain away( obesity problem), some people drink it away, some work it away (workaholics) and so on.

Of course I am not saying if you are working hard, you are running away from your disappointment, no. What I mean is that some people completely shut all other areas of their life( that probably didn’t work out as they desired) and put 100 percent of their time into work. Life is about balance, so it is essential for us as humans to fulfil all these areas.

So, as I mentioned in one of my previous posts on insta, don’t listen to those who put you down and … if you knocked and knocked and no one answers that door … SO go and find another entrance; there is always a solution 💪. Don’t leave it all to your destiny, go against the flow as long as you want something really badly.

Hope this post will change the way you think guys, cause this way of thinking did truly worked for many people I know including myself 😊. Please leave your comments below)


Does anyone struggle to quit bad habits?Let’s talk about it…

Whether it is smoking or alcohol or simply addiction to ordering take away, all of these are harmful in one way or another. We know it is bad for us, and yet we keep doing it… lighting another cigarette, opening another bottle of wine, avoiding cooking etc 

Why do we do it? Why we constantly and mindfully keep hurting ourselves?! 
Many psychologists say that this is the way to escape from a reality, humans are part of the nature, so our animal instinct is striving to pursue us to get a quick fix.

About two years ago, I was 10 kg more! I used to cook a lot, and order lots of take away. I used to eat out my unhappiness and my problems, food was the main pleasure I would treat myself to at the end of the day. Overeating became a norm. My personal life was stressful, so after analysing what is happening, I could clearly see that I was unconsciously eating my emotional pain away…so after a while I realised that either I change this habit, either I will never get happy in a long term. Short fix were no longer an option, I had to fix not the symptom but the REAL CAUSE!

So now looking back, I can see that it was not easy journey but once you start realising that you deserve better, that you ACTUALLY can build a better life.. you will stop focusing on a quick fix and start working on the real solution-taking care of yourself and getting rid of the negativity in your life!

I still fighting my demons and yes, I still having bad habits but overeating is no longer one of them 🙏! 

I would like to encourage you to stop for a min and think… why are you still overeating.. what is behind this habit… what is missing in your life.. or perhaps what is a way too overwhelming in your life?

Leave comments below, I would love to hear your stories and comments.

Quinoa salad

One of my favourite summer salads is a quinoa mint and pomegranate salad!

So easy to make!

Boil quinoa 200 g

Cucumber 1

Mint 8 leaves

Pomegranate 1

Salt 1/4 of of tsp (Himalayan salt)

Spring onion 

Lemon 1


Cut everything and mix together. Add lemon juice and enjoy 😊! That’s it, very simple).

Let me know how it goes and please leave your comments below.

Have a beatiful day everyone! ❤️️

Vegetarian pizza

Maybe about 7 years ago, I have tried to make a pizza, don’t remember where I found the recipe but the actual result turned out to be a complete disaster 🙈.

Today, for the first time I made a pizza, and somehow it turned out to be just perfect 😉.

Here is the recipe:

2.5 grams of flavour mix with 1 table spoon of salt, add 2 tea spoons of xanthan gum and 1 table spoon of Extra virgin olive oil. You can use your hands to mix all these ingredients together as I find a way easier than using a spoon, and make it to a large bowl, just as it shows at my photo. 

After roll it a bit, you can use your hands again here if you don’t have a roller ( o have none to be honest), so you can create any shape you like! Then put it on a baking tray. You might want to use special paper for baking. Add any toppings you want. 

I added tomatoes ( you can use  canned chopped tomatoes as it’s much quicker than preparing the actual tomato sauce), added mashrooms, oubergine and put it to the oven for 10 min. After that, I added onions and vegetarian cheese and put it back to the oven for another 5 or 10min. That’s all)), your pizza is ready 👏👏

Enjoy your pizza. And please, leave any comments below.

Have a fantastic week everyone! 🙏❤️🌹

Lack of time to cook 

Today another person told me about lack of time to cook and eat healthy on what I said it’s just an excuse).

I know if you work, study, if you have kids and other commitments it can be quite challenging to find time to prepare a healthy meal. However, Eating healthy is easier than you might think. You can always simply throw some veggies and chicken (if you are not vegetarian) into the oven and vuala 👏. If you really have only 5 min, you can mix together some salad leaves, avocado, cucumber or whatever you like and your salad is ready. 


So I always say to my friends and people, if you really want something, you will find opportunity, if you don’t really want it, then you can always find an excuse. So don’t let excuses to stop you from achieving your dreams, whether it is to lose weight, gain muscle or simply eating well. Start looking for simple recipes. I will try to put some ideas and recipes here on my page, so I really hope they will give you some ideas and most importantly the motivation to get healthier, stronger and fitter. 

During last year, I lost 10 kg and I did it while working full time and studying for my degree, and going to the gym daily, so I know how it is to be busy! So I had to learn to eat well and prepare meals withing 10 min. For example, couscous is a great option here, as all you need to do is to poor a hot water into the bowl with couscous and leave it for 3 min. After you can add anything you like: avocados, tomatoes, beans etc. So stay tuned as I will share more ideas soon. 

Sending you lots of positive energy 😊🙌

Fruit bowl can be ready in 2 min

Smoothie can be done within 5 min)

Organic obsession

This blog is about healthy leaving and blog organic vegetarian and vegan food. I am still on my transformation path to become fully vegan, so I hope this page will motivate me further to improve my diet and become vegan. I believe it’s the healthiest choice I can make as we are what we eat. And not to mention all the benefits of the plant based food, I would like to highlight all the concerns about the quality of animal products these days, GMO fed animals is only one of them for example.

 My passion for organic food and vegan diet didn’t start without drama. Few years ago I was suffering from chronically migraines. Those days I used to work long hours and instead of cooking and preparing healthy meals, I would always opt for take always. So after eating in this stylefor about 2 years, I have earned those headaches that made my life a hell for a while.

I went to doctors, but all they suggested was to take painkillers. Well, I did it, but I knew it wouldn’t sort out the cause, only help with symptoms. So I did lots of research and decided to try organic food. So for the next 4 month I took away take away meals from my diet and almost excluded meat, moreover most of my food would consist of raw organic vegetables. So in 4 months I was healed. Food can be amazing medicine! 

So here, I would like to encourage readers to follow my journey to becoming vegan and learn cooking vegan meals together with me. I have been trying to avoid animal products as much as I could for the past year, however still struggling to prepare delicious meal such as pizza without using cheese for example. So I am encouraging everyone to try with me new recipes and share their opinions. Despite most of my friends don’t understand my passion for vegan food as they think it’s boring, here I might prove them wrong 😂!